Beach Weddings

Depending on the type of wedding that you desire, the budget you have in mind and the venue, we will arrange everything to suit. Below are some descriptions of the beautiful beaches that our weddings have taken place at over the years.


Marmaris Beach

Marmaris Beach

Marmaris beach is a beautiful, truly picturesque beach resort in the large and vibrant resort of Marmaris. The beach is lined with excellent hotels and restaurants and is a major tourist attraction. The golden sand, the blue sea and its well known habour makes it a perfect place to have your special day.

Turtle Beach


Dalyan Turtle Beach also known as IztuzuBeach is 7km long with white sand separating the sea and the lake from each other. The beach is the last breeding place of the giant Loggerhead CarettaCaretta Sea Turtles and to keep them safe the beach is closed at certain intervals to allow the turtles to lay their eggs. Aswell as the fine sand and the turquoise/blue sea, the ancient Lycian King tombs that are carved into rock face from the 4th century make Turtle beach a fascinating place of history too. In 2008 “The Times” proclaimed Turtle/IztuzuBeach winner of “Best Open Space” award and in 2011 holiday assessment website “Zoover” proclaimed it as “Best Beach Destination”. Couples that have had their wedding reception at this venue have described their experience as enchanting and remarkable.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Island is located 18km north of Marmaris, also known as SedirIsland, it is famous for its golden sandy beach and the ancient city of Cedrae/Sedir. The beach got its name because north west of the Island there is a small bay and it is told that it was the meeting place of Cleopatra and her lover Mark Anthony. This beach is believed to be the secret paradise of the couple and tradition narrates that Mark imported the sand from the Egyptian desert to surprise Cleopatra. The sand at Cleopatra beach is very rare in all areas of Turkey as it is a fine golden beautiful tiny sand made up of empty seashells. Cleopatra beach is a very popular location for events, as it is historical with remnants of the city walls and ancient theatre ruins and ofcourse enchanting with its secluded and amazing beach.

Icmeler Beach

Icmeler beach is situated 8km from Marmaris on the South West Coast of Turkey where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea. Icmeler Town is a vastly growing tourist destination and is famous for its beautiful beach. Tourists and locals from all over Dalaman travel for hours to visit Icmeler beach due to its pictursque crystal clear sea and lovely golden sand. It is surrounded by pine forests and mountains so this, added to the fantastic sea and sand makes Icmeler beach a perfect place for romance and intrigue. This is a excellent venue for wedding receptions and all other types of events as the town and beach have so much to offer.

Marmaris Private Beach

private beach 2
Marmaris Private Beach is a secluded area on the coast of Marmaris where you can relax with sun crystal clear blue sea and beautiful sand. The beach can be closed off for events so you can enjoy your day in perfect privacy and harmony. Couples that have had their wedding in this venue were amazed by the tranquillity and peacefulness of the beach and surroundings and were very pleased with the venue, describing it as an “Atmosphere Of Paradise”.